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Carrie-Lynn Rodenberg

Founder, Turnkey Marketing

Carrie-Lynn Rodenberg, Turnkey Marketing

What problem are you trying to solve?

Do you feel like marketing isn’t your “thing”?2021-03-05T20:19:10-06:00

We get it. Getting under the hood of a car isn’t our “thing”, so we turn to shop’s like yours for help. And since marketing is our “thing”, we can give you a plan so that there is no guesswork about what marketing things need to get done. Or you can have our in-house team do it all for you.

Do you wonder if what you’re paying for is even working?2021-03-05T20:19:54-06:00

We hate this. You should be able to see what is working so you can put your hard-earned money where it counts. Our team gives you strategies for making sure you KNOW which marketing campaigns are bringing you customers and which ones are not.

Wish someone understood what you’re doing and could help you make better marketing decisions?2021-03-05T20:20:27-06:00

Each of our programs gives you access to a Client Director of Marketing who is in the trenches daily seeing what is working for auto repair shops right now. They can help you get a handle on your strengths, weaknesses, and the next steps to increase your car count.

Have you tried “everything” but feel like marketing just doesn’t work for your auto repair shop?2021-03-05T20:21:00-06:00

It can be frustrating to spend money and time on marketing that just doesn’t work. But our team deploys campaigns for auto shops just like yours all across the country—we can tell you what is working right now for our clients and the smartest place to put your money.

Looking for the thing that is going to get your shop to your first $1 million or $2 million year?2021-03-05T20:21:31-06:00

We have clients hitting these goals and more. And we’re right there under the hood making sure they have enough cars to hit those numbers and grow year after year.